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Arquimed S.A. is celebrating more than 60 years in business and service excellence, specializing in the fields of Education (Scientific and Technologies), Chemical Reagents, Laboratory Supply and Clinical/Medical Products, in the Chilean market.

Arquimed S.A. brings to Chile the latest technology available in the world from 40 countries, comprising more than 100 brand names and more than 9.000 different products all from stock. From our Home Office in Santiago, Chile and 11 Branch Offices from north to south, and with a team of more than 100 employees, we cover the varies requirements of a broad spectrum of scientific, research and educational activities in Universities, Hospitals and Clinics, in Mining Companies, Food production, Fisheries and many more.

Arquimed S.A. is aware of the constant changes in technology and knowledge; today we represent many of the finest brands in the world such as OLYMPUS (Microscopy), and we are also proud to be one of the oldest representatives of Riedel de Haen in the world for more than 45 years.

Arquimed S.A. believes that the most valuable equity is its people. The company's goal, over and beyond selling products, is to build a lasting relationship with its customer, suppliers and employees on the basis of mutual trust and reliability.
If your company is not yet a part of the Arquimed S.A. family of customers and suppliers, we cordially invite you to contact us so that together we can build a new business relationship for our mutual benefit

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